4th Annual Midwest Conference on East Asian Thought

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN

April 26-27, 2008



Saturday, April 26
Wylie 005

9:00—Welcome and continental breakfast

9:30-10:45—Contrasting Confucius with Non-East Asian Perspectives

  Douglas Berger, Southern Illinois University, “Relational and Intrinsic Moral Roots: A Brief Contrast of Confucian and Hindu Concepts of Dut”

  Hagop Sarkissian, “Duke University, “The Problems and Promise of Situationism in Moral Philosophy”

  (Chair: Aaron Stalnaker)

11:00-12:15— Spiritual Freedom (Chair: Cheryl Cottine)

 Chesna Braniger, “Southern Illinois University, “Diverse Spiritual Exemplars:  The Ultimate Spiritual State, Morality, and Social Engagement”

 Tao Jiang, “Rutgers University, “Spiritual Freedom in Classical Chinese Thought”

12:15-1:30 Lunch

1:45-3:00  Rethinking Issues in Warring States Philosophy (Chair: Bob Eno)

 Franklin Perkins, “De Paul University, “Self-cultivation and the Function of Xing in the Xing Zi Ming Chu”

 Dan Robins, Stockton College, “It Goes Beyond Skill”

3:15-4:30  The Unspoken in Traditional Chinese Thought (Chair: Aaron Stalnaker)

 Jonathan Pettit, Indiana Universit, “Uncovering Hidden Sounds: Excavating Early Confucians Odes”

 Mingming Liu, “Washington University, St. Louis, “Things of Which the Master Would Not Speak: A Categorization and Analysis of the Female Images in Soushen ji”

5:00-6:30 Keynote Address    Edward Slingerland

 "Vertical Integration and the Study of East Asian Thought"


7:00-9:00 Dinner at the Woodburn House


Sunday, April 27
Wylie 005

9:15-10:30  Confucianism and Political Theory

 Tongdong Bai, Xavier University, “The Price of Serving Meat—On Confucius’s and Mencius’s Views of Human and Animal Rights”

 Hongliang Gu, University of Illinois, “Liang Shuming’s Conception of Democracy and John Dewey’s Influence”

 (Chair: Susan Blake)

11:00-12:15 Categorization of Thinkers

 Paul Fischer, Indiana University, “Fragmented Masters Texts in the First Imperial Library Catalogue”

 David Boyd, Indiana University, “Construction of authorial figures (Peng zu, Wenzi); excavated texts” (Chair: Bob Eno)

12:15-12:30 Closinghilosophy, and East Asian Languages and Cultures.