About the Conference

The Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought (MCCT) is an annual conference dedicated to exploring past and present aspects of Chinese thought. It is an interdisciplinary gathering of scholars and students coming from disciplines or fields such as philosophy, religious studies, history, philology, and other disciplines or fields in the humanities and social sciences. While the conference is hosted each year by an institution in the Midwest United States, we welcome the participation of scholars and students from around the world.

Organizing Committee:

Douglas Berger (Leiden University)

Julianne Chung (York University)

Cheryl Cottine (Oberlin College)

Brian Hoffert (North Central College)

Michael Ing (Indiana University)

Alexus McLeod (Indiana University)

Judson Murray (Wright State University)

Franklin Perkins (University of Hawai'i)

Aaron Stalnaker (Indiana University)