9th Annual Midwest Conference on Chinese Thought

University of Dayton/Wright State University

May 10-11, 2013


Friday, May 10

Science Center Auditorium

9:00-10:45: Daoism

 David Chai, University of Toronto: “Xuan and Meontological Soteriology in the Thought of Ge Hong”

 Stephen Walker, University of Chicago: “Why is Dao Concealed?”

 Brian Hoffert, North Central College: “Devolutionary Presence: Relearning Our Ability to Live in the Present”

 (chair: Alexus McLeod, University of Dayton)

11:00-12:45: Philosophical Arguments in Confucianism

 Michael Harrington, Duquesne University: “Confucians and the Slippery Slope Argument”

 Cheryl Cottine, Indiana University: “Obedient Wives: Virtue or Vice?”

 Kelly Epley, University of Oklahoma: “Caring and the Li

 (chair: Judson Murray, Wright State University)


2:00-3:45: Moral Development and Failure

Judson Murray, Wright State University: “The Water Mirror or Polished Jade: Debates on Moral Virtuosity and Human Excellence in Han China”

Michael Ing, Indiana University: “The People Have Fallen in a Filthy Ditch: Moral Stain and Compromise in Early Confucianism”

Jingyi Zhao, Cambridge University: “The Role of Shame in Moral Education in the Writings of Aristotle and Xunzi”

(chair: Alexus McLeod, University of Dayton)    

5:00-6:45 Keynote Address

 Peng Guoxiang, Peking University: “Dialogical Confucianism as a Religious Tradition and Its Contribution in Globalization”

7:15-9:00: Dinner

Saturday, May11

9:00-10:45:  Mencius and Issues in Modern Chinese Thought

 Paul D’Ambrosio, Merrimack College/East China Normal University: “Lying in the Mengzi: Why Falsity is Never an Appropriate Means for a Moral End”

Timothy Huson, Saint Louis University: “Lin Yutang and the Cross-Cultural Translation of Chinese Values”

Elisabeth Forster, Oxford University: “A Worldview for an Academic Programme: Evolutionist Theory in the New Tide and the National Heritage Magazines in 1919”

 (chair: Brian Hoffert, North Central College)

11:00-12:45: Teaching Chinese Philosophy

A. Minh Nguyen, Eastern Kentucky University and Manyul Im, Fairfield University: “The Dao of Teaching Chinese Philosophy: Lessons from a Survey”

(chair: Michael Ing, Indiana University)      


2:00-3:45: Encounters With the West 

 Charles Jones, Catholic University of America:  “Creation and Causality in Chinese-Jesuit Polemical Literature”

 Zhao Qi, Saint Louis University: “Relation-Centered Ethics in Confucius and Aquinas”

 (chair: Aaron Stalnaker, Indiana University)